The Way to Self Love



    We all want to love ourselves, our bodies, our thoughts and feeling and we can accomplish this by following these steps to self love.



    Learn to be mindful. The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand explains it perfectly, “mindfulness means paying attention to what is presently occurring, with kindness and curiosity”. Practicing your mindfulness can limit your stress, anxiety and in return calm you down, and appreciate your wellness. 


    Surround Yourself With Good People

    Ditch anyone who gets pleasure from your pain and hurt. Gather and respect those that lift you up and encourage you with positive comments and actions and their ongoing support. A good support system will push you towards, and help you discover, your self love. 


    Self Care

    Look after yourself by creating a great self care routine. A simple step such as painting your nails or doing a face mask can immediately make you feel so much better about yourself. When you care for your self you increase the thoughts that you are worthy.



    We all need to learn to forgive and forget. I have written a blog post about this and it can be found HERE. Negative energy towards people or a situation can take so much out of you. We need to focus on positive aspects of our live rather than the negative. 


    Embrace your Purpose 

    You have a purpose in life, even though it may not be clear all the time. However you have a purpose to live a meaningful and healthy life. We need to embrace that we have a life worth living. Write down your accomplishments, your happy thoughts and regain a sense of your purposefulness. 


    How do you practice self love? what would you like to try? I would love to talk so leave a comment below.




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