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    To Track Your Food, Or To Not?



    It’s been nearly two years since I switched my bad habits from laziness and bathing in junk food to exercise and eating a balanced diet. It’s obviously been no smooth journey, with plenty of loops and hoops to jump through but I am slowly figuring out what works best for me and my body.


    The start of my journey I was working out 5 times a week, tracking my food intake calories via my Fitbit app and monitoring it (and my weight) like a hawk. I was seeing fast progress but quickly learnt that it was stressing me out and ruining my enjoyment for fitness. Since that wasn’t working for me, I slowly transitioned into not weighing myself, and not tracking any of my food. However that then lead me into old bad habits. I was having too many ‘treats’ and lacked in workouts. I had no schedule, no reflection and was losing motivation.


    So where am I now and is it working?

    I am now working with a food journal. Simply, I am writing down what I eat and drink into a daily journal. There is no planning of my meals based on calories, I am just writing down the food I eat, what I drink, and the exercise I do. I then, at the end of the day, reflect on it and visually see where I may have slipped up a bit, the healthy choices I made and track my fitness journey based on what food consumption and exercise rather than calorie numbers and scales. This is working so well with me, I am really enjoying my fitness and healthy lifestyle. I feel this is the most ‘balanced’ and controlled I have been since starting. 


    Another alternative is printing out a weekly meal planner and planning ahead so you know what you are going to eat and keeps you on track. My free printable can be found here.


    What works best for you? Let me know I would love to hear as we are all so different and lead our own journeys.